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Sell your Books through Marketplace

If you're a publisher, label, or studio looking for a distribution and fulfillment channel for your products, Advantage is for you.

Convert you website into more than 30 International Languages.

Let's begin by listing the benefits of a multilingual website:

  • Benefit 1. Your corporate message can reach any number of new potential customers without printing or distribution costs. As a communications solution, it can be scaled to any audience size and projected to any location at no extra cost.

  • Benefit 2. You can create this message once, and manage it from one location, for consistency in branding, content and quality. The simplicity and centrality of this process means that it costs much less money and takes much less time to create and deliver a message to your audiences.

  • Benefit 3. Rapidly changing content can published and revised in many languages simultaneously without the need to manage an inventory of printed material for global distribution. The information could be anything from sales material for a new product to technical support documentation for a new software release.

  • Benefit 4. If you already have a website in one language, then its content is already in digital form, organized for translation. It's a simple matter to deliver the files to a translation agency by email or FTP. This unique characteristic of websites reduces turnaround and logistical problems for you the client, especially on highly interactive sites.

  • Benefit 5. The linguistic quality of a website translation can (and must) be excellent. It works like this: since your web is highly portable, it can be translated by professionals who live and work in their mother tongue countries. These translators have the best and most current command of their own languages. Native and resident translators must be used for leading edge webs - on culture and the Web itself, for example - since much of this vocabulary is new and changing.


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